How To Make The Most Of Super Doubles At Harris Teeter!



I refer to Super Doubles as a Couponer’s New Year’s Eve, Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled into one! It’s just that good! If you are diligent, prep by getting together as many $2 or under coupons as you can, you can easily save 80%! That is a HUGE savings when it’s mostly food items! Super Doubles has typically been happening every 2-3 months.

Take a look at the hundreds of printable coupons available now and print any that you may want. You can never tell when they’ll reach their print limit and disappear. As we get closer to the event, we’ll highlight the must-do deals!



Here are the basic rules of Super Doubles.

  • Coupons with a face value or $2.00 or less will generally double. So, a $1.00 coupon doubles to $2.00, $1.50 to $3.00, and $2.00 to $4.00. The exception is those that say explicitly on them, (Do Not Double).
  • You can have 20 coupons doubled per day. Like a regular sales week, up to 3 like coupons will double. Any more than 3 will be accepted at face value. Your 20 daily coupons “reset” at 7 am the next day. The 20 daily limit is tied to your VIC card, so you cannot go to another store and get 20 more doubled the same day. Harris Teeter is firm on ONE card per household. 20 coupons per day is 140 over the course of the Super Doubles week, dare I say for just about every family, this is more than enough to get some awesome stock up deals!
  • Super Doubles begin at 7 am on the scheduled day. You can certainly shop earlier if your store is a 24 hour store, but do not try to checkout before 7 am.

Shop early! I highly recommend going the first day of the event, in the morning preferably. A lot of the free items will be gone by the end of the first day, and that’s disappointing I know. Don’t be afraid to ask to get a raincheck for those items! Also, most employees I have encountered have been very helpful and nice, they may know when another shipment is coming in so you can plan to try again. Most importantly, have fun!

Print Now

The July Coupons are out make sure to PRINT NOW Before they are all gone.



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