How To Legally Get 10, 20 Or Even 30 Coupon Inserts Each Week For Under $10.00


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We all love to save with coupons right? But we also know the cost of newspapers have gone up especially for the Sunday Paper. We can get many coupons by Printing Them Online as we know but not always are they the same. We can also stack With Coupon Rebates. But if we were to buy 10 papers every week for example at the National going rate of around $4.50 per newspaper that is an expense of $45.00.  Some weeks only have one inserts where other weeks have 2 or even 3 inserts. the weeks we have 3 inserts that is a total of 30 so the cost is a little more worth it but still very high. Below I am listing some ways you can cut that cost WAY DOWN.

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  1. Purchase your Newspapers At Dollar Tree – That’s right many people do not realize that Dollar Tree sells newspapers. That means to buy 10 papers you would be spending $10.00. On weeks we have 3 inserts that really pays off.

  2.  Purchase Newspapers on Monday. Many stores especially convenience stores will offer a discount if you purchase the next day. Of course that is if there are any left so it is a gamble.

  3.  Check your local Post Office Recycle Bin – Many people Forget about this Gem. So many non couponers will throw away or recycle there inserts.

  4. Use The Discount Newspaper Service Below

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