How To Clearance Shop IN Walmart- YMMV And More

May 21, 2018 BY Deb
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Walmart Clearance. In this article we will discuss how to score clearance in store, where to look, and what YMMV is. We hope this article helps you guys when looking for clearance in store!

First let’s define some terms:
YMMV- Means Your Mile May Vary. We use this term to explain that the clearance sale may NOT be at every store. Each and EVERY single Walmart store is different and the clearance is always different. I like to explain YMMV as: When I lived in Little Rock, Arkansas, (Arkansas being Home of the Walmart) we had a Walmart store every few miles. There were 4 Walmart stores within 20 minutes of each other that I liked to go to every week. One on Bowman, One in N. Little Rock, One in Bryant, and one in Benton. The Bowman one, I found these HUGE T Shirt Comforters marked down to $9, but when I went to the other 3 stores, N. Little Rock was Full Price, Bryant was marked to $15 and Benton did not have any at all. So why would 4 stores all within 20 minutes from each other have different prices and one did not even have the item at all? That is how Walmart works with clearance and rollbacks too. I will tell you that one year later, A FULL YEAR N Little Rock Walmart finally marked theirs down.

Clearance or Glitch? We see so many people calling clearance a glitch. Take a look at this article HERE for more information on if it is a clearance or glitch.

Next let’s talk about the difference between Online Deals and In Store Deals.
ONLINE: Yes, you can score clearance online. READ HERE for how to get it.

In Store: In store is where you will find the JACKPOT! Tons of items in store say one price but ring up another. This is not a glitch- this is simply that the employees did not update the price tag. There are a few different ways to score clearance in store and not just down your designated clearance aisle. READ THIS

In store after Holidays is also HUGE! Christmas being the biggest one. READ HERE how to score after Christmas clearance and where it will be located. Please note, Halloween items will be the same as Christmas. You will find Halloween soap and Candles down their normal aisles.
New Years– Look through clothes for special shirts. Most New Year items will be located either at the front of the store or down the party aisle. Especially look at the glow in the dark sticks as some of those are New Year Items.
Valentine’s Day– Your store will have a select aisle up front for most Valentine’s Day items, However there are clothes, undies, and socks that may not be with the rest of the Valentine’s Day items. These will be mixed in with normal clothing items.
St Patrick’s Day is the same as Valentine’s Day. ALWAYS look in the clothes section.
Easter– Located at the front of your store with the Holiday Section. Look for clothes, Girls Pastel Colored Easter Dresses and Boys Suits.
Mother’s Day– Like the others, look at clothes. Some Gift Sets located in the beauty section.
Father’s Day– Clothes, Watch Sets, Look for wallets and Flasks.
Independence Day– Clothes will be mixed in with other clothes, Socks, Packs on glow in the dark sticks and necklaces, jewelry.
Halloween– look for soaps down the soap aisle, Candles, Candy, costumes, makeup, nail polish, other Halloween items. Pumpkins will clearance too!
Thanksgiving– Tablecloths! Baskets, almost anything Turkey or Fall. Small pumpkins or fallkins as I call them.

Winter items typically start getting marked down in March/April. This includes Jackets, Long Sleeved Pajamas, gloves, scarfs, snowboards, heaters and more.

Summer Items typically get marked down in August/September. Shorts, shirts, Pajamas, pools, pool toys, outdoor toys, fans, air conditioners and more.

Electronics is all year long at  various times. Stores need to sell last years models to make room for the new ones.

School Supplies begin Markdown in Late August Early September. This includes College items such as mini fridges, microwaves, Blanket sets, Sheets, and more.

IF you want to check SKU numbers GO HERE 

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