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Would You like to make an extra $2,000+ a month?

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This is the easiest way to earn money from home and I have a complete guide for you to follow to earn $2,000 or more each month!



First you will need to go here to make a free account

Make sure you complete your profile with your correct information to get started.


InstaGC is an easy way to get paid for watching videos, opening webpages, completing surveys, and sometimes even testing products for FREE!


Easiest and Quickest Ways to Make Money-

Watching Videos: At the Very Top of InstaGC you will see the word EARN, Then click on Watch Videos. You will earn points (We will go over points later) for each video you watch.

I like to play videos when I am cooking dinner so it runs while I am busy.

Next Opening Webpages for Points– THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING TO DO!! It is so easy and you do not have to do anything but open the webpage!! Earn 1-10 points per webpage you open.

Surveys– Complete surveys to earn points. Surveys can take 10-60 minutes to complete.

Point Booster Codes: You can get these Via Social media by following InstaGC. Every other day or so they will post a code that you can add to your account for free points. points range from 3-10 points! To redeem these codes, click REDEEM on top of screen, then click “Point Booster Codes” and enter the following codes, clicking “Redeem” after each one. Make sure you check back with Yes We Coupon often for these booster codes!



Points are like money 100 points = $1 THE BEST PART IS You can cash out at $1!

You can cash out with direct deposit, Paypal, and GIFT CARDS!

I personally love the gift cards!

You can also spend your points on sweepstakes, win prizes or more points!!



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