There have been many cases over the years of people stealing Sunday newspapers in order to get the coupons for free. But few are so brazen as to swipe papers from right outside the newspaper’s offices – in full view of newspaper employees.

But a newspaper in Kentucky says that’s exactly what’s been happening there. So the theft of the paper has now become a story in the paper.

The State Journal in the capital city of Frankfort is asking for the public’s help in identifying a woman they suspect of being an “extreme coupon clipper”, who stole a whole stack of papers this past Sunday – and who may be responsible for several other recent thefts as well.

And the newspaper’s publishers are going about their search for information in a somewhat unorthodox way – for good or bad, they’re using the “power of the press” to try to nab her.

“This particular incident occurred at a rack directly in front of our newspaper office Sunday afternoon,” State Journal publisher Steve Stewart told Coupons in the News. He says a woman put enough coins into a newspaper machine to buy one paper, but took a stack of more than twenty, stuffed them into a backpack, then rode away on a bicycle.

“Some guys happened to be mulching our flower beds at the time and had the presence of mind to snap a photograph,” Stewart said.


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