Have You Got “BAD MILK” From Walmart? – 13 States So Far Listed!

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Walmart Spoiled Milk Causes Concerns

There are concerns mounting over more and more States reporting in that consumers have reported of spoiled Milk at Walmart. The issue with this is that people are complaining the milk is spoiling before the date on the package. As consumers we are trained to check the date when buying products and should be able to trust that correct.


The phrasing may vary from “use by,” to “sell by,” or even “best by.” While many consumers put their faith in those dates,15 Finds Out has learned that the dates printed are not federally regulated. In fact, they’re not even required to be printed on any product except baby formula.  Source

Walmart has issued the following statement

“It’s important to note that different suppliers provide milk under the Great Value brand using multiple different plants across the country. A few hundred stores in Indiana and surrounding states carry milk from the processing plant there in Ft. Wayne, so it is very unlikely that these comments are connected.”

What are your thoughts

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