Grocery Shopping Online With Your EBT Card – YES YOU CAN!

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The days of standing in line at the grocery store for EBT card holders are coming to an end for many. As a Pilot program there are 6 retailers offering online payments via EBT including major retailer Amazon. This is a 2 year pilot that will more then likely lead way to many more opportunities  for online ordering with EBT cards in the near future. Plus on top of this great program Amazon has also started offering Discounted Prime Memberships to EBT card holders meaning Free Delivery for many!

Amazon (Also Offering Prime for $5.99 Per Month)

FreshDirect in New York

Safeway in Maryland, Oregon and Washington

ShopRite in Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Hy-Vee Inc. in Iowa

Hart’s Local Grocers New York

Dash’s Market in New York.

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