Google Home Mini only $0.99!!! RUNNNN!!!

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googlehomeGoogle Home Mini for $0.99

($1.05 after tax). Normally $49. Free for existing Spotify Family plan members. Don’t forget to cancel trial in a few weeks if you go the trial route.

YOU MUST DO REGULAR PREMIUM FIRST! Going from a free account directly to Family Premium will charge you the entire $14.99 price! Click Premium in the top menu and go with the $0.99 deal FIRST

If you have ave Spotify free account or no Spotify account – must upgrade to premium FIRST for $0.99. Once premium, then upgrade to family in the settings page. It says you will be charged $14.99 but as long as you are on the $0.99 premium trial, you will only be charged $14.99 if you do not cancel the trial.

THE MOST YOU WILL PAY IF YOU FOLLOW THIS WILL BE $1.05 (Free for existing Spotify family members).

DO NOT FORGET TO CANCEL. I would wait to receive google home mini first.

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