GLITCH Multiple F-R-E-E Too Faced Deluxe Samples <3

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Who loves free samples? I know I do and with Christmas just around the corner these Too Faced Deluxe Samples will make awesome stocking stuffers! Follow the breakdown below:

  • Click here to shop and add whatever you want to your cart. The wrapping paper is the cheapest but you can get whatever you want.
  • In your shopping cart under the item you just added you will have the option to add 2 free samples. Before adding any samples right click and open in a new window. Then pick your 2 freebies. It will give you a drop down option to add up to 5 each.
  • From the newest opened window, right click the “Add 2 Samples” link and repeat steps 1-3 until you’ve added all 4 sample options and changed them all to 5 per sample.
  • Pick whichever ones you want! They are DELUXE samples.
  • Use code WELCOMEXO at checkout for 20% off
  • Pay as little as $8.24 shipped for all items

Big thanks to Heather from our Glitch Community for sharing her find!

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