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Gamestop Class Action Settlement has been approved for the Data Breach that happened from 2016-2017 for shoppers online and in store.

Did you shop at Gamestop online or in store from September 2016 to February 2017? You may be entitled to a cash payment from the Gamestop Class Action Settlement! I remember when this Data Breach happened, my bank was notified before I was and canceled my card to prevent any misuse.

Gamestop Class Action Settlement:

There were two Plaintiffs Crystal Bay and Samuel Cook who filed a class action lawsuit over the data breach that Gamestop had from 2016-2017. The data breach exposed personal information like names, emails, debit and credit card numbers and much more. Some Gamestop customers had their cards fraudulently used as a result of this data breach. The lawsuit was filed to pay back the customers for all the expenses they acquired from this data breach and customers who were affected.

How much will I get if I file a claim?

A. The Settlement Class
The proposed settlement class (the “Settlement Class”) is defined as:
All persons residing in the United States who used a credit, debit, or other
payment card to make (or attempt to make) a purchase on
between August 10, 2016 and February 9, 2017.
Id. at ¶ 1.25.
B. Compensation to Class Members
As more fully explained in the Settlement Agreement, all Class Members who submit a
valid claim during the claim period (which will run until 120 days following commencement of
the notice program) will be entitled to expense reimbursement of up to $235 for the following
categories of potential expenses incurred as a result of the Data Breach:
 between one and three hours of documented lost time spent dealing with replacement
card issues or in reversing fraudulent charges (calculated at the rate of $15 per hour);
 a $22 payment for each card on which documented fraudulent charges were incurred,
even if they were later reimbursed;
 costs of credit report(s) purchased by Settlement Class Members between June 2, 2017
and the date of the Preliminary Approval Order;
 costs of credit monitoring and identity theft protection (not to exceed $120)
purchased by Settlement Class Members between March 16, 2017 and 120 days after
the first date of publication of notice; and
 miscellaneous other specified expenses (i.e., unreimbursed charges from banks or credit
card companies, bank fees, card reissuance fees, overdraft fees, charges related to
unavailability of funds, late fees, and/or over-limit fees; long distance telephone
charges; cell minutes, Internet usage charges, and text messages; postage; interest on
payday loans due to card cancelation or due to over-limit situation).

The above is a statement from the Court Documents in the Gamestop Class Action Settlement.

A final approval is still needed by the judge in this case for the Settlement site to open for claims. You can read the court documents HERE. When this passes final approval and the settlement opens, we will let you know!

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