Free Month of Designer Jewelry!

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Free Month of Designer Jewelry!

Hurry on over and use the coupon code to score a free month! Rocksbox members rent fashion designer jewelry – three pieces at a time, custom selected by a stylist.

Use coupon code SHOPROCKSXOXO to receive first month FREE.

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How it works:

  • Create a quick profile and start adding pieces to your Wish List to help your personal stylist go from 0 to BFF in one delivery
  • You’ll get three amazing pieces to keep for as long as you want. Ready to change it up? Return your box to receive a new set.
  • We carry the trendiest jewelry from 30+ designers, giving you access to a collection that is the ultimate in #accessory goals.
  • Can’t bear to part with something? Apply the $21 of your membership fee as credit towards a purchase from your set every month.
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