FREE Access to Your Old Yearbooks

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Get FREE Access to Your Old Yearbooks!

Head on over and check out your yearbook, or search for past crushes, old friends and more! I spent hours looking up my old friends, and even my husband’s yearbooks.

You don’t need to pay ANYTHING to see the yearbooks for free!

To get free access to old yearbooks:

  1. Click this link
  2. Choose the state, city & school
  3. Register and get instant access

It’s a great way to get in touch with your friends and classmates from high school! Perfect if you’re planning a high school reunion!

Classmates is the online home for your high school class. With the largest directory of high schools and class lists available anywhere, covering 57 million people and including maiden names, Classmates makes finding, reconnecting and staying up with your high school class fun and easy. Classmates also has over 200,000 digitized high school yearbooks available for you to view and share photos.

Note: if you want to join their paid membership it’s only a few dollars a month and HOURS of fun! Plus, it’s a must if you’re planning a reunion! But, you don’t need to join to get access to yearbooks and your classmates that have joined already. If you want, you can skip payment and go to your class page which lists those in your class, along with current location, pictures and yearbook scans!

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