FREE $100 at Macy’s and FREE $15 Gift Cards! Say What?!?!

September 23, 2016 BY Yes We Coupon
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How would you like a FREE $100 off ANYTHING at Macy’s?

How about a FREE $15 Walgreen’s Gift Card you can use to buy another Gift Card to any other store?

Sounds AMAZING Right?

Since yesterday, these “Coupons” have been floating around Instagram calling it a “Glitch”

Upon further investigation, we found out that these are fraudulent coupons!

Why in the world would someone create these coupons? They use them in stores to get free stuff, knowing they are committing fraud and could get arrested.

Currently there is a Walgreen’s Gift Card for $15 floating around that multiple people are using to purchase other gift cards calling it a glitch! Apparently they do not practice honest couponing and enjoy committing fraud.

There is also a $50 off of $50 and a $100 off of $100 coupons for Macy’s that is FAKE!

Do not use these coupons, do not attempt to use them, you may just get arrested.





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