Football Themed Dessert: Pudding Cups

September 8, 2015 BY Kayla
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Game day is here and it’s time to make some fun football themed dessert!  We love this pudding cup dessert idea!  So super easy, fun, and of course perfect for any football party you are throwing.

Take a look at these fun football themed desserts made out of pudding cups! It's a quick and easy side for game day spreads.

Football Themed Dessert: Pudding Cups

What kids doesn’t love pudding?  I know my kids will eat pudding at every meal if I let them, so of course, this football themed pudding cup dessert is a perfect fun treat. I love using this for fall football tailgating at home, or for the big game day in February each year.  It’s also a great idea to use for a kids birthday party!

Ingredients & Supplies: 

Chocolate Pudding Cups

Whipped Cream

Chalk Pen (white)

Decorations like flags, helmets, or footballs


Start by adding a fun football lace to the side of the pudding cup using your chalk pen.  This is super easy, and it works best with chocolate pudding cups.

Next, you will remove the top from the pudding cups you will be using, and top each with whipped cream.

Your last step is to add any extra decorations.  You can use little flags in team colors, candy helmets, candy footballs, or similar fun decorations to distinguish your favorite team.

football cups

We love having these easy football themed pudding cup desserts for parties.  Kids love them, and you’ll even find adults that grab them and enjoy a childhood snack.  It’s easy to make, cheap, and if you watch sales at your local stores, you can probably grab the pudding cups cheap or free.

Serving up these pudding cup desserts for your weekend game day event, a sports themed party, or even for a treat after your kids’ team wins a tournament is a great budget-friendly and super easy idea that everyone will love!

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