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Many of you know that our big Facebook Groups got

“hacked”… Well here is all the details and how Facebook is handling the situation!!

On March 14th, we woke up to find our Facebook groups (then) Yes We Coupon Community, Victoria Secret Clearance and Walmart Clearance Finders changed to the names “Pornhub Community”, “Pornhub Tryouts” and “Pornhub Addicts”.  When we say our 3 big groups we mean 1.5 million members combined in the three so this is a very large portion of our entire audience! We had an admin go rogue and change our names in the middle of the night! Our first thought was OF COURSE to just change the names back, however there is a rule on Facebook that you can only change the name of a group every 28 days… So because this was an unauthorized name change we thought the rule would have an exception and that Facebook would revert the name back! Well we were wrong! In fact, they told us to archive the group and wait out the 28 days. They proceeded to tell us that if our group got reported they would have to TAKE IT DOWN/DELETE it because it goes against Facebook Policies. WHAT! We were in shock! So the first thing we did was create a NEW group called YES WE COUPON DEAL COMMUNITY.

 We like to think that Facebook would just be able to jump in and make the change for us as small business owners right? Nope, wrong. We are providing picture and more info below so that NO ONE ELSE has to go through this with their business! This is severely effecting our business, our employees and our audience!  BE VERY CAREFUL on who you allow to have access to your Facebook Groups!

We cannot believe this happened to our group and want to warn anyone and everyone we can about protecting your business. Facebook is not there to protect your business and you do not OWN your Facebook so take that into consideration with your business strategy!

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