Are you a veteran couponer or are you just starting out? Either way you will benefit by joining the Brand New Couponing Community Facebook Group.


On The Heals of Such Shows As Extreme Couponing There was a flood of new couponers wanting to learn to coupon. The problem with the TLC Extreme Couponing show is that many times people were shown breaking store policies and and using coupons in a way that was against Coupon Policies causing many to consider the show Unethical. JOIN NOW

The Good News is there are PLENTY of veteran couponers that will show you the RIGHT WAY to coupon. We have built this group so that it will become a Couponing Facebook Group for everyone to take part in. If you are looking to Learn How To Coupon or just want to brush up on your skills or even jump in and help some new comers then this group is certainly for you and the best part is that it 100% FREE

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