Ever Wonder Where “Coupon Fairies” Get Their Inserts? READ THIS!


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We’ve said it time and time again…You shouldn’t EVER pay for coupons. Many can argue, it’s not illegal to buy or sell coupons…you’re not paying for the coupons, you’re paying for the sellers time, BLAH BLAH BLAH. Whatever the case may be, the following story paints a pretty vivid picture of the criminal lengths some will go to in order to obtain enough coupons to make selling profitable. Not to mention…even the “Coupon Fairies” were charged in this case as accessories! Here’s the condensed version:

David Ray Griffin and Charles Markell Tucker were arrested last April in South Carolina. These guys got busted for blatantly walking into a newspaper distribution center through the loading dock week after week and outright just stealing stacks of newspaper inserts. That’s pretty BOLD! In an undercover sting, Police were able to nab the thieves red-handed and even managed to snag the “Coupon Fairy” Husband and Wife team Lea & Jacob Bishop who were taking the stolen coupons and selling them via social media. The Bishops were even charged with two counts of receiving stolen goods and three counts of accessory after the fact to a felony. (Did you catch that? Stealing coupons was considered a FELONY!)

Fast forward one year and so far Griffin was sentenced last Thursday to two years behind bars, and Tucker received a three-year suspended sentence upon the service of 18 months in home detention, plus 40 hours of public service. The Bishops’ case is still making its way through the system. That’s a lot of heat to take over coupons and certainly raises questions about just where exactly “Coupon Fairies” obtain their inserts from… A question you may want to consider if you purchase whole inserts or even clipped coupons from anywhere besides just buying the newspaper.

For more detailed information regarding this case GO HERE

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