Ever Purchased Round Up Weed and Grass Killer? NEW Settlement!

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Have you purchased Round Up Weed and Grass Killer?
You may be able to claim money in this NEW Class Action Settlement
A $21.5 MILLION Dollar Settlement for False Advertising.
So in a nutshell- Round Up sold Concentrate and Concentrate Plus and advertised that these were Concentrated products that could be mixed to make more
But it became extremely diluted when mixed like the directions stated, thus being a waste of money.
Now- to the claiming part:
This has a statue of Limitations and you need to look at your STATE HERE to see when yours is (You will need those dates)
You can file without proof, although the store where you bought is asked.
GO HERE to file. Click on Claim WITHOUT Claimant ID
You can claim up to 20 items for $11-$53 each.
PLEASE NOTE- If you did not buy- Don’t claim. You are claiming under penalty of perjury.

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