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Please keep in mind your mileage may vary, and these items will not Penny until Tuesday 10/08/2019. We will update the list if more products are released. HAPPY PENNY SHOPPING!

Today at Dollar General in select NCI Home Stores there is a surprise penny list!

Tuesday, Ocotober 8th, 2019

  • NCI18 60X60 FUR/MK THRW BLANKET – 841700204523
  • NCI18 PLAID SHRPA BLKT BLANKET – 709996795609
  • QUILT-SOLID ASTD 3 Piece Comforter – 735732409196
  • QUILT-PRINT ASTD  3 Piece Comforter – 735732409288
  • NCI18 CE 4P TWN SHEETS – 769924546451
  • NCI18 1800 6P TW SHEETS – 769924494523

Don’t forget to use the DG GO APP to verify these items.

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