Dollar General Penny Shopping – TONS Of Penny Deals Right Now!! Take A Look!

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PENNY SALE YALL!!!!!!!! Okay guys this is a HUGE YMMV. (Based upon other groups it looks like only stores that are remodeling) The store is Dollar General. Anything at my store that had a 50% off clearance tag is ringing up a penny.YES $.01!!!!!!! I got over 4k items and helped out 8 families while I was in there. Took about 3 hours to check out. It has been a great weekend of deals. Im still unloading my car and unbagging just wanted to let yall know to check before the day is over with. Unsure if its a glitch but dont go in the store asking employees for penny items. I have posted 2 put of 6 receipts and some pgotos of items i got. Share By Gabrielle McCray In Our Glitch Community

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