Dollar General Penny List 3/19/2019

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Dollar General Penny List 3/19/2019


Have you been to Dollar General on Tuesdays!? Almost every Tuesday they have products though out the store that ring up for ONLY a PENNY! Also depending on holidays they have different days of the week that they have penny items, but mostly Tuesdays. Yes you read that right only 1 cent!

Penny items are products that have been hard to sale and have went past the 90% off mark. As they ring up for a penny in order to help the sales associates identify them, and let them know that it needs to be pulled from the shelf to be donated or destroyed. It’s good to get to the store as soon as they open, check out this list to find weekly Penny Items for 2019. Remember your mileage may vary!


This Week we have Mr. Clean products that will penny. Please keep in mind your mileage may vary, and these items will not Penny until Tuesday 3/19/2019. We will update the list if more products are released. Check out our Video of one of our Penny Hauls, the list is located below the video. HAPPY PENNY SHOPPING! 


Tuesday March 19th 2019:

Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner With Gain Scent, Moonlight Breeze, 24 Fl Oz – UPC: 37000748120

Mr. Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner With Gain Scent, Moonlight Breeze, 40 Fl Oz – UPC: 37000748151







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