Do You Buy Halo Top Ice Cream? They are SLAMMED with a $5 Million Lawsuit!

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I love Halo Top! What’s not to? It tastes great and you can eat the whole pint without an enormous amount of fat and calories. But is that because the container is underfilled? That’s what a class action lawsuit originated by consumers in California alleges.

The complaint alleges Halo Top has been “routinely” underfilling its ice cream pints for “years” giving consumers less than the entire pint you paid for. Now more than 100 people are involved in the class action suit, and are seeking $5 million dollars.

It is likely their defense will be “slack fill” a common practice that many food packagers engage in. This mean the containers are not filled all the way to the top to allow for settling or expanding of the product. What do you think the outcome of this will be?


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