DIY Candle Holder With Glass Marbles

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I am always looking for easy craft ideas, and this DIY Candle Holder is a perfect way to make something cute for your home office with just a few minutes and a couple of dollars spent.  Budget-friendly crafts are a great way to feel creative while not spending too much of your budget.  Using simple glass marbles and an old CD, we have created a super cute craft!

DIY Candle Holder With Glass Marbles

Making a simple DIY Candle holder is something you can even do with your kids.  I used a simple green marble, but you can choose any color you prefer.  You could even mix colors to create a rainbow effect if preferred.  The Dollar Tree is a favorite place to shop for glass marbles since they have bags for only $1.  In fact, grabbing several bags and glue for this project could be an ideal birthday party craft for an older child or teen!

Supplies Needed: 

  • Marbles
  • A cd
  • A hot glue gun or E6000 Glue

We all have old scratched CD’s or DVD’s laying around the house somewhere.  This is the perfect project to use those for.  Instead of throwing them away, use them as a simple but sturdy base for your DIY candle holder.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.40.55 PM

Start with gluing the marbles around the edge of the CD or DVD.  I prefer using E6000 since I can let kids help and not worry about burns, but you still need to be super careful about what they are touching and making sure that they don’t glue fingers together.

You will slowly make your way around the outside border of the CD with your marbles.  Once the initial layer has set, you will then proceed to glue another ring of marbles directly on top of the bottom.  You can continue this process for 3-5 layers, depending on how tall you want your candle holder to be when you finish.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.41.12 PM

This will fit a votive or slightly larger candle.  I prefer to keep the candle in the jar like shown, or use a simple glass votive holder inside the DIY Candle holder.  That way it is much easier to switch out candles when wanted.  Be careful when moving this around after you burn the candle.  Depending on how close the candle is to the marbles, it can get hot to the touch.  I definitely recommend letting it cool off before moving to another space on your desk or the surface you decide to display this.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.41.28 PM

You can easily embellish this simple DIY Candle Holder with a ribbon tied around the middle, an artificial flower attached to the side, or you could even glue the CD to the top of a glass to give it elevation and add a bit of flare.

I love making a simple craft like this to use around the house.  Since I work at a desk a lot of the time, it makes it much it a great easy way to give my area a little lift without spending a ton of money.  I think it could also be a great way to add accent pieces to your living area, kitchen, or even to use as a centerpiece on your dining table.

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