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Disney Announces NEW Sequel to THIS Fan Favorite!


Disney has announced a new sequel! Which Disney movie would YOU like to see a follow up to?

If you’ve seen Finding Dory, and loved it as much as we did, you’ll agree that Disney sequels can be the best!

I remember being a kid and wishing, HOPING that Disney movies would have sequels! They never used to do that! For example, did Cinderella really live happily ever after? 30 years ago, kids could only dream of what really happened to their favorite princess. The Return of Jafar was one of the most highly anticipated Disney sequels — and the first, which followed the fantastic Aladdin movie.

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So, when Disney started doing sequels, fans rejoiced!  Disney Animation has officially announced that fan-favorite Wreck it Ralph will have a follow-up movie soon!

Joining the ranks of everything from Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, The Lion King, Emperor’s New Groove, The Little Mermaid and even Bambi, this is sure to be a smash hit!


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