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Everyone loves those TRY ME FREE rebate offers on products. Buy it now, receive a check in the mail for your purchase price later. Easy-peasy right?

One shopper in New Jersey is crying foul after a Try Me Free rebate offer for Dry Guard Spray Antiperspirant went horribly wrong. The rebate check he received bounced! John Sacchi claims the rebate check he received from manufacturer Henkel sent him a check drawn off a closed account. To add insult to injury, his bank charged him a returned item charge of $12.00

Henkel did nothing to make good on the bad check.

So Mr. Sacchi felt his only recourse was to sue, in a proposed class action that would cover anyone else who received a worthless rebate check. Sacchi’s lawsuit calls the offer a “fraudulent product rebate campaign” and states Henkel “issued worthless rebate checks drawn on an Arizona bank account that it knowingly closed and yet continues to solicit purchases of the subject product with the promise that a rebate will be paid.”

The Try Me Free offer for Right Guard has been in circulation for quite some time, and perusing any coupon group you will surely see it posted. The lawsuit does not claim Henkel is writing bad checks on a massive basis. The class action assumes this one customer can’t have been the only one affected.


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