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Delta Airlines, Best Buy, Sears and Kmart Hit With MAJOR Data Breach

HUGE Data Breach at some pretty major places. Delta Airlines, Sears, Kmart and Now Best Buy recently announced a huge data breach while resulted in thousands of Credit Card numbers, names and addresses stolen. All of these companies used [24] an online chat that helped customers with their checkout process. Even if you did not use the chat, your information was still affected. If you shopped online at any of these stores last year (Best Buy, Sears, Kmart and Delta Airlines) there is a good chance your information was stolen.
According to CNET

, Best Buy will be offering FREE Credit Monitoring Services for those who want it. READ about Best Buy’s Data Breach HERE.
In addition Delta Airlines will also be offering FREE Credit Monitoring, while Sears Holdings will open a call center. READ MORE HERE about Delta/Sears

Thanks @ CNET

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