Cyber Monday JCPenny’s In JULY! Everyone Is Jumping On Prime Day!

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Cyber Monday JCPenny’s hit early this year

cyber monday jcpennys

 Cyber Monday JCPenny’s hit early this year! So many of your favorite store’s have jumped on bringing you cyber Monday and black Friday early all to compete with Amazons prime day! Don’t let the word cyber MONDAY fool you this deal last through prime day meaning you have an extra day! Tons of deals on bedding, clothes, baby items and more! Plus (yes theres more) score an extra 30% off using code SALE24! This works for select apparel, shoes, jewelry, accessories and home items. Also the best part is there in NO MINIMUM! Yes it doesn’t matter the price you get an EXTRA 30% off no matter what! So what are you waiting for? Cyber Monday is NOW!

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