Creative Criminals Get “BUSTED!” LITERALLY! You Gotta See THIS!

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Not coupon related, but this is QUITE a story! These criminals get an A for creativity or perhaps a AA would be more suitable after Australian Narcotics officials seized 190 gallons of liquid meth concealed inside liquid bra inserts! Talk about getting BUSTED! Whatever Victoria’s “Secret” is…I doubt it’s anywhere near as interesting (or as valuable) as 900 BILLION dollars worth of concealed illicit drugs!

The 4 Hong Kong Passport holders who brought the drugs from China to Australia were arrested last month in what is apparently the largest confiscation of liquid methyl-amphetamine to date! They will appear in a Sydney court next month to be charged with importing and manufacturing commercial quantities of illegal drugs. Each suspect faces a potential life sentence if convicted. Yikes!

You can read more details about this store here!

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