CRAZY LOW prices on Ground Beef! Save up to 50%! NO COUPONS!

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One of the most often heard questions we get asked via Facebook is “how can I save money on meat?” Meat coupons are uncommon. You can stalk your meat manager at your grocery store and find out when they do their meat markdowns, but often the selection or quality may be lacking.

Zaycon Fresh to the rescue! Zaycon Fresh is the unique way to buy your fresh meat. They have everything from chicken tenderloins to steak, to salmon fillets! They cut out the middle man, the grocery store, and as a result, you can expect to save up to 50% — in the case of this deal — more like 66%!

Meats will come from farms in your area. How is the quality? Comparable to high quality, organic meats found in your grocery store. Zaycon Fresh has very high quality standards where if a farm is not meeting their standards, they will stop doing business with them.

Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

  • Head over HERE and create your FREE account
  • Check out the Events calendar, enter your zip code to see what’s on sale and where pick up is. (it’s most often church parking lots.) I found 42 locations in my area, so they are EVERYWHERE!
  • Shop online. Meat is ordered by the case.
  • On pick up day, bring your order confirmation to designated pick up spot.
  • You’ll see the huge Zaycon Fresh refridgerated truck on site.
  • A Rep will load your case(s) into your car for you!

And we have a COUPON CODE and an AMAZING DEAL ON 80% or 93% ground beef to get you started! Pick up a whole case – that’s 40 pounds of high quality ground beef!

Use code ORDER249 for 80% and pay $2.49 per pound (easily a 40% savings from the prices in my area)

Use code ORDER299 for 93% and pay $2.99 per pound (easily 50% off from the prices in my area)


Text The Word “JOIN” to (+1) 781.262.3877


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