How to Coupon at Rite Aid

Rite Aid is a couponer’s paradise. Unfortunately, many look at it as confusing and shy away. Don’t! We’re here to break it down, answer your basic questions and show you how to make the most of shopping at Rite Aid.  Get ready to Learn How to Coupon at Rite Aid!

Rite Aid has 2 savings programs in place: The Wellness + program and Bonus Cash.

  • You must sign up for a Rite Aid Wellness + card to take part in the savings programs and get the sale prices. It’s totally FREE!
  • You can sign up and get a card online or in store. You’ll get a keychain card and a regular sized wallet card.

Coupon at Rite Aid

Wellness +

Wellness + has 3 levels: for each dollar you spend (pre-coupon total) you will earn 1 point.

►Bronze — 250 points to 499 (Bronze Level gives 10% off all Rite Aid Brand products for one year, and a one time 10% off shopping pass)

►Silver – 500 points to 999 – (Silver Level gives 10% off the entire store (some exclusions apply), and a wellness reward such as a gym membership or health screening

►Gold – 1000 points and up (20% off the entire store (some exclusions apply).

You have an entire calendar year to build up your status. Whatever status you earn, you retain your status the following year after. For example, last year (2015) I earned Gold status. I have all the benefits of a Gold card until 12/31/16. Your Wellness + points reset to zero on January 1st and you have the entire year to earn your next year’s status.

The percentage off discounts you earn by reaching the different Wellness + levels apply to items at regular price. In the event that your items are on sale and you go to use your percentage off coupon, you’ll receive the sale price or your percentage off discount, whichever is greater. Save that coupon for something you need that is not on sale. ;-)

Wellness + BonusCash

Anyone been couponing a while and remember +UPs? This is a modernized version of those and brand new as of December 2017. It takes the place of Plenti Points although if you had accumulated points, all system’s a go — you can still redeem them at Rite Aid, but not earn new ones.

Bonus Cash awards you back with money off your next order — much like Balance Reward Points at Walgreens or Extra Bucks at CVS. There are two kinds: a flat offer and a threshold offer:




Photo Credit: I Heart Rite Aid

Each week in the add you’ll see offers that give a high percentage of your purchase price back (sometimes up to 50%!) back in the form of BonusCash. You can mix and match any items pictured in the ad. For this offer, get your total to $30 BEFORE any manufacturer’s coupons are applied. Use your coupons to bring your cost out of pocket down. Then you’ll receive back your $10 in Bonus Cash. It loads as a Digital Coupon to your Wellness Card and is redeemable on your next visit. At time of publication, it is unclear if it is on the next business day or next transaction. You have 60 days from the time you earn Bonus Cash to redeem it. Threshold offers can often be done one or two times per card, always check the flyer to see the limit on a certain offer.



Photo Credit: I Heart Rite Aid

A flat offer works just like offers you may be familiar with at other drugstores, like CVS or Walgreens. For this example, if you buy 2 Always Discreet products, you get back $5 in Bonus Cash. You can of course use any valid manufacturer coupons to lower your cost. A flat offer always has a limit per card, usually 2-4 offers per card.


Rite Aid offers store coupons (found in the flyer) and manufacturer’s coupons that you can load right onto your Wellness + card. Some things to remember:

  • Load 2 Card coupons are manufacturer’s coupons and DO NOT stack with paper or printable manufacturer coupons. If attempted, the Load 2 Card coupon will reject.
  • The coupons located in the Rite Aid Flyer are marked as Manufacturer Coupons. However, I will guarantee you 99.9% (to be safe) of the time they are store coupons and can be stacked. The numbers under the barcode will always start with RC or RA.
  • No Limit to like coupons. You are subject to the limits stated on coupons themselves.
  • Rite Aid is unique in that they’re the only store I know that specifically states they accept a dollar off and BOGO coupon on the same 2 items. That means you can use a B1G1 FREE coupon and one $1/1 (or any other dollar amount) coupon on 2 items to maximize your savings. You’ll save even more if you have store coupons to stack with this! A BOGO Coupon with a BOGO sale is not allowed.
  • Store coupons (both ecoupons and printable coupons) only work once per card, unless otherwise stated in the small print on the specific coupon.
  • You cannot use a coupon on a free item in a BOGO sale. If the sale is BOGO 50% off, you may use a coupon on each item.
  • In the event of a 2 for sale (like 2/$5) you must buy two for the sale. One item is regular retail price.
  • Watch your receipts! Often you’ll get a coupon with your receipt offering money off your next purchase, called a transaction coupon. These are store coupons and are for amounts like $3 off $15, or $4 off $20. They are valid for 14 days and you can stack them along with manufacturer and store coupons. Remember to get your PRE-COUPON total to $20 first. The transaction coupon is applied first and then your store and manufacturer coupons.

Store Policy:

As always it is important to be familiar with your stores coupon policy.  It is subject to change at any time.  Go here to see Rite Aid’s Coupon Policy

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