Come Join Us! Money Saving Challenge! How Much Can You Save in 2 Weeks?


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We’re a friendly and helpful Facebook group -with a serious dose of couponing power! We share lots of great money saving ideas, couponing deals, great sales, and how-to tips. Join us today. The group is private so no one can see your posts in the group except other members so no need to feel any sort of way but accepted♥ ! ;-)  

July 15th Through July 25th- Money Saving Challenge



Money Saving Challenge Details (Please Read)

  • Never couponed before? Or, just getting started? Now is the time to give it a shot! Here are some things to read before getting started:
  • If you’re a full fledged couponer but struggle to stay on track or have been slacking a bit, join us and challenge yourself to stick to your money saving lifestyle (or get back in the habit of it) and meet your budget and financial goals!
  • Track your savings and spending using the handy Saving Calculator provided to you free of charge. (Download yours HERE) 
  • The Goal is simple- Save money by using coupons. Challenge yourself to only buy items that you have a coupon for (beside meat, fruit and veggies) and resist the temptation to buy items NOT on sale! 
  • During the 2 week Money Saving Challenge running July 12th (the beginning of a new sales week) to July 25th (the end of the second sales week) you will use coupons to buy items, only purchase items on sale, save money and have fun doing it! Join us for the fun, the challenge and the savings! 

 You will need to be a member of my private Facebook group to be able to participate to get official Money Saving Challenge details . Join Now! Feel free to bring a friend (or 2 or 3) along with you! Are you up for the challenge? 


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