Charging $7.50 For A Bowl Of Corn Flakes? What Is Kellogg’s Thinking?!

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Would you pay $7.50 for a bowl of corn flakes or raisin bran? Kellogg’s thinks so. In an effort to combat shrinking sales in the grocery store, Kellogg’s is opening up a boutique cereal cafe in Manhattan. And it comes with Manhattan prices, as well. Bowls of cereal such as corn flakes and raisin bran start at $7.50.

Specialty toppings, such as lemon zest and green tea powder, will help justify the cost, according to Kellogg’s spokespeople.

The more sugary Kellogg’s cereals will be available in sundaes for up to $9.50.

What do you think? Would you pay for this?

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