• BIGGGG List of Penny Items At Dollar General!

    May 20, 2018 BY Bebop
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    We love Penny Items at Dollar General! I went to mine last weekend to see what I could find, sadly my store had nothing. We have a new list of Penny Items for Dollar General, remember Penny Shopping is YMMV. NEVER ask an associate about Penny Items. Penny items are supposed to be pulled from the floors and thrown out.
    Minute Maid Apple Juice Boxes- 4 pack. 00303
    Cranberry Lemonade 8 ct- 50827
    Sour Patch Xploder Bags- 070462433517
    Orange Tang Canisters- 043000032275
    Welch’s Mango Twist Juice- 041800200986
    M&M To go bags-5.5 oz-040000513568
    Fidget Sticks- 613153005008

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    NEW Penny List for Dollar General!! HURRY!

    May 12, 2018 BY Bebop
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    BRAND NEW Penny List for Dollar General!! Remember with penny shopping it is YMMV. Do NOT ask about penny items at your store, penny items are discontinued and the stores are supposed to pull them from the shelf.
    Gray Star Single Pair Socks with FW17 on the tag. These are last years inventory
    Hostess Spring Cupcakes-888103111809
    Hostess Strawberry Twinkies- 888109110215
    3 Pack Fashion Chokers- Blue Dot or gray dot
    Swiggles Quarter Crew Socks- Gray Dot
    Pawpatrol Panties- 045299037870
    Paw Patrol Tennis Shoes- 430000799626, 430000799633, 430000799616, ending in 664, 640 or 619 also
    Fall Boots
    Value Valley Coupon Caddy- 846145010227 and 846145024699
    Leap TV Video System-708431315112

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