Breast Cancer Awareness Race – Our Experience

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Breast Cancer Awareness Race Manchester, VT 2018

It is 3am and we are on a three hour drive to the Breast Cancer Awareness Race held in Manchester, Vermont. Two of my kids and my sister are on this trip with me. Our Nana was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and was a survivor. Unfortunately Nana passed away a year later from pancreatic cancer.  The fight against cancer is very dear to our hearts.

Once we got there at 7am, the venue was pretty full. A Few hundred people were there ready to race or cheer everyone on. The venue had tons of volunteers that helped make this happen.  They offered us free breakfast, and there were several vendors offering freebies about breast cancer awareness.  It was very heart warming to see all that turned out to support this great cause in an effort to find a cure.

After registering and spending an hour inside taking in everything we headed outside to get ready for the race. There were three races- a 10k Run, a 5k run and a 5k walk. Kritta, Emma, Nick and myself decided to do the walk. (I did not think my 3 or 8 year old would enjoy a run!) Here is the 5k race starting: (The 10k started a bit further down the road and we missed it)

Look at the racers go!! We were super excited to see a mix of all ages involved in the race. Once they took off we all quickly lined up for the 5k walk. On your mark, Get Set, GO!

We finished the walk in good time, and during that time many of the walkers had told my daughter that she had it easy in the stroller! We were so proud and humbled by all that walked with us!

We had finished right behind a team who called themselves “Ray’s Girls”.  Ray’s Girls raised over $8,700 for the cause! We were so happy and proud to finish right behind this team. Ray’s Girls was a mixture of all ages and genders and participated in each race so it was hard to get pictures of them all together. All in all when we finished we were tired, but excited to see how every one in the races did.

We were honored to be apart of the Race Against Breast Cancer. We look forward to the next race. A Special Thanks to and Valpak for sponsoring us! #Pak4ACure

Please join in the fight against Breast Cancer, GO HERE to find a race near you

If you can’t make a race but would like to help, you can Donate Here


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