Submitted By Shelley From Our Walmart Clearance Finders Group

I hope this helps everyone.
Walmart all over the country is fazing out their clearance for the year.
If something reads limited stock it means it will not be back. If there is no price that means it’s now 50-90% off. If you are in the store and can’t find a limited stock item, if there is a small clearance sec look there first. If not if it is ex: wax melts, go there with app open and start scanning all winter scents.
If it’s ex: Pioneer Women cake plate, it most likely will be in its own section of markdowns in the housewares sec along with other markdown items.
Also, remember, if you don’t find the deal it’s going to be okay. A lot of Walmart stores take the one or two markdown items from each section and write them off then donate to local food pantry, community thrift stores for free handout, and churches for those who any other way would not be able to have these things.
Oh, and one more thing…. the employee that marked down the items is usually the only one that will know where and how much. Unless they are clearance freaks like us ?. I know this because my sister works in CS, accounting, and claims. She hates to claim out perfectly good stuff.

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