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BREAKING NEWS! Ramen Noodles Can Kill YOU?

If your diet is heavy on instant noodles, then perhaps you’re not in the best shape anyway. A study shows that even the occasional ramen dabbler might be heading for a heart attack. Eating instant noodles just twice a week increases your risk of cardio-metabolic syndrome. Which in return can cause heart disease, diabetes, and even strokes. That corner store ramen doesn’t look so cheap after all.

The study took place in Korea, and looked at the effects of consumption of all kinds of instant noodles, not just ramen. The study took its data from the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES), which covers 2007–2009, and the study examined 10,711 adults aged 19-64. The KNHANES includes a food-frequency questionnaire, which covers 63 of Korea’s most popular foods and other nutrients.

South Koreans eat more instant noodles than anyone else on Earth. In 2010, they munched and slurped their way through 3.4 billion packages. And even in Korea, instant noodles are associated with bad diet. The researchers, led by Hyun Joon Shin of Baylor University, identified two main kinds of diet in the country: The traditional dietary pattern, which is “rich in rice, fish, vegetables, fruit, and potatoes,” and the meat and fast-food pattern, “with less rice intake but rich in meat, soda, fried food, and fast food including instant noodles.” READ MORE

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