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beerDo you enjoy a beer during your summer barbecues? If so, better check your labels before you crack open the next cold one. The Goose Island Company is recalling several types of their 2015 Bourbon County Brand Stout beer after confirming that the bottles infected with a type of bacteria in the lactobacillus family. See the statement below:

To our loyal fans:

We have found nine bottling dates for 2015 Bourbon County Stout Original and one 2015 Proprietor’s that have developed off flavors. There is absolutely no health risk in drinking these beers and some people will still enjoy it, but the flavor profiles are not to our standards. We are offering a refund from today through September 15, 2016 for the affected bottling dates. Quality and testing are extremely important to us, and these processes take time. We thank our loyal BCS drinkers for their patience as we worked to figure out this complex challenge and make it right for our customers.

Please follow the following steps to receive a refund:

  • The Bourbon County Stout or Bourbon County Stout Proprietor’s neck label and a photo of the back label, with time stamp clearly visible, will serve as your proof of purchase and must be sealed in a single envelope with the below printed form to be eligible for refund. Refunds will only be provided with proof of purchase. If you have more than one bottle, you must include each neck label and photo of the back label per bottle.

Beers eligible for refund include:

  • Bourbon County Stout Original Date Codes: 10/9/15, 10/12/15, 10/21/15, 10/22/15, 10/23/15, 10/26/15, 10/30/15, 11/4/15, 11/5/15
  • Bourbon County Stout Proprietor’s Date Codes: 9/18/15

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