BREAKING NEWS – 30 Bakery Products Recalled Including, Bread, Rolls, Muffins And Cookies

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Sunbury, PA – Weis Markets is issuing a voluntary recall for 30 bakery products including muffins, cookies, shortbread and baked bread items due to the potential presence of small metal fragments (2-9mm) in the sugar topping used on these products. This voluntary action is being taken due to our supplier’s recall of the sugar ingredient. Foodborne foreign objects that are not hard and sharp and less than or equal to 7mm in length may cause minor injuries such as temporary reflexive choking and irritation of the gastrointestinal system. Weis Markets has received no reports of adverse reactions or injuries due to consumption of these products to date.

The muffins are packaged in a plastic medium salad container. The loaf bread and cookies are packaged in a plastic hinged container, and the Irish soda bread is packaged in a plastic bag. The sell by date can be found at the bottom of the scale label affixed to the packaging. Products included in this recall were distributed in Weis Markets’ stores, specific product names and information are listed below.

ProductUPCSell By Date
GOURMET DOUBLE DUTCH MONSTER MUFFINS21008270040025/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET RAISIN BRAN MONSTER MUFFINS21008170040055/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET APPLE SPICE MONSTER MUFFINS21008670040005/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET CHOC CHIP MONSTER MUFFINS21008570040035/28/16 – 7/24/16
MONSTER SIZE PINA COLADA MUFFINS21008370040095/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET PUMPKIN MONSTER MUFFINS21009170040045/28/16 – 7/24/16
GINGERBREAD MONSTER MUFFINS21008870040045/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET RED VELVET MONSTER MUFFINS21030070040075/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET CINNAMON CHIP MONSTER MUFFINS21009570040025/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET LEMON POPPY MONSTER MUFFINS21009270040015/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET BANANA NUT MONSTER MUFFINS21007270040035/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET BLUEBERRY MONSTER MUFFINS21007370040005/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET CORN MONSTER MUFFINS21007470040075/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET CHERRY ALMOND MONSTER MUFFINS21007970040025/28/16 – 7/24/16
GOURMET BUTTER RUM MONSTER MUFFIN21007870040055/28/16 – 7/24/16
TRIPLE BERRY LOAF BREAD21077360050075/28/16 – 7/26/16
BANANA CHOC CHIP LOAF BREAD21223960050065/28/16 – 7/26/16
BANANA WALNUT LOAF BREAD21221960050085/28/16 – 7/26/16
APPLE CINNAMON LOAF BREAD21221060050055/28/16 – 7/26/16
PEACH MELBA LOAF BREAD21225660050035/28/16 – 7/26/16
BLUEBERRY LEMON LOAF BREAD21220960050095/28/16 – 7/26/16
IRISH SODA BREAD21076200039975/28/16 – 7/24/16
IRISH SODA SCONES21079800039965/28/16 – 7/24/16
OLD FASHIONED SHORTCAKE21014770040085/28/16 – 7/24/16
CHOCOLATE SUGAR COOKIES210453350044915/28/16 – 7/26/16
SOUR CRÈME COOKIES W/CHOCOLATE CHIPS21009450044965/28/16 – 7/26/16
SOUR CREAM COOKIES21007750044995/28/16 – 7/26/16

Consumers who have purchased these items are advised not to consume them and return them to the store where originally purchased. Weis Markets is cooperating with the FDA on this recall and is working to ensure the packages are removed from store shelves and are no longer distributed.

Consumers with questions should call Weis Markets customer service team at 1-866-999-9347 between the hours of 8 AM and 4:30 PM on weekdays and 7 AM to 3:30 PM on weekends.


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