BIG NEWS about Walmart Savings Catcher – You’re Not Going to Believe This!

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It’s a sad day for Walmart shoppers! You may have seen the email or this may be brand new information to you…Savings Catcher is no more! Check out the email below: Walmart cites the primary reason for this change is because their prices most often beat their competitors, thus the program’s intentions are met. The good news is, any funds you have (and earn) through May 14th, 2019 will still be added to your Walmart E-Gift card and can be redeemed at Walmart.

Changes to Walmart’s Savings Catcher are nothing new. In September of 2018, they made some substanticial changes to how you submitted your receipts. In my opinion, I was not a fan of this change as you could not use printed or insert coupons OR submit for rebates via mobile apps since it didn’t generate a paper receipt.

What do you think? Will this change how you shop?

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Walmart In Store Clearance Disclosure

Clearance in store is YMMV meaning what is on clearance at one store may not be at another. Clearance items and prices vary widely by region and even city to city. Check your stores often and if it is not marked, scan at the self service scanner or on your Walmart App.

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