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Avoiding Coupon Burnout — our 4 Top Tips!


Avoiding Coupon Burnout — our 4 Top Tips!

Burnout is something both experienced and brand-new couponers can face time to time if we’re not careful. I’ve put together some tried and true tips to help minimize frustration and feeling overwhelmed. After all, this is supposed to be fun!

  • Start Small — Your time is valuable, chasing down every deal at every store isn’t worth the time, gas, and frustration. Pick the grocery store and drugstore closest to your home or office and zero in on grabbing the best deals at those stores each week. We’ve made it easy for you with dozens of grocery store matchups available HERE every week.
  • Skip the Coupons — Wait…what? Did I really tell you it’s ok to take some time off from gathering, clipping, and sorting? Yes, remember that shopping strategically means you use your coupons when items are on sale. Most of the savings you realize is from the sale itself, not from a coupon. Now I’m not saying ditch the newspaper buying each week. Eventually, when you’re rejuvenated, you’ll want to pick up those scissors again and having the last several week’s worth of coupons is important.
  • Set Limits¬†— Using Social media like Facebook and Instagram is both a blessing and a curse. While it’s awesome to have access to real-time deal updates just a couple clicks or taps away, with so much info readily available it’s easy to get overwhelmed and scared you will “miss out” on deals if you’re not online and connected constantly. I suggest picking a couple of knowledgeable Facebook groups to regularly check in on. (Our Amazons Facebook group comes to mind!) Once you have a couple avenues in mind, set a timer on your phone or your microwave or kitchen stove. Give yourself a time limit each day, (or week, whatever works in your schedule) to research and jot down deals you want to do. A time limit ensures you don’t spend more time than you mean to and ignore other things that need your attention (kids, household chores, projects, etc).
  • Any Savings is Good Savings — This is an especially crucial piece of advice for new couponers. I’ve talked to many people over the few years I’ve been doing this that think if they don’t pull off a $400 haul for $2, they failed. Guess what? Any time you save money you win! Couponing isn’t about getting everything for nothing or having to meet a certain savings percentage each trip. It’s about making the money you spend go further. No one is going to pass out an award at the end of your checking out. ;-) Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.


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