April Fool’s Day is Coming Up! Here’s The Top Pranks!

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Who is excited for April Fool’s Day?

For me, Everyday is a new day to prank someone!

I made a list of some of the best pranks to pull

Sound off in the comments which one is your favorite!

  1. TRASH YOUR FRIENDS– You know that feeling when a box shows up in the mail addressed to you? Well, this is the perfect way to give someone that exact same feeling. The only difference is when they open the box it is a bunch of useless trash with a note. I have sent this to someone myself and OMG! The note sent with it is hilarious and IT IS SENT ANONYMOUSLY! 
  2. Fake Marriage Proposal– Send your friends or Anyone a fake marriage proposal in the mail!! 100% ANONYMOUSLY
  3. Kool-Aid in the shower head– Simply unscrew the shower head and put a pack of unsweetened Kool-Aid in the shower head. Screw the Shower head back on and wait. Next person to take a shower gets a colorful mess. 
  4. Flip their Computer screen– Hold down the CTRL and ALT buttons on your target’s computer then hit the down, left or right arrow key for the direction you want to turn their screen.
  5. Scary Picture Prank– Print out scary pictures (Clowns, The Girl from The Ring, etc) Place them around the house or office inside drawers, under the toilet seat, and in the most unexpected places. Sit back and wait for the screams to begin!
  6. Salt on their Toothbrush– Mix salt and water until it creates a paste. Soak toothbrush in the mixture for two hours. Gently take off excess salt and place toothbrush back where you found it. Sit back and wait.
  7. Soap Prank– If they use bar soap, coat the soap in clear nail polish. Let dry. Place back in shower and wait.
  8. Shocking Pens– Oh how I love this one! Anytime someone needs a pen, give them one that shocks! (Shocks do not hurt)
  9. If you have kids- Wake them up as if they have school. Wait until they get ready and say April Fool’s Day. (I do this every year and they still fall for it)


Please note, there are thousands and thousands of pranks you can do. Yes We Coupon wants you to have a safe April Fool’s Day! 


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