Amazon/Whole Foods Merger = The End of Couponing?!

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It’s widely known now that Amazon reached a deal recently to acquire Whole Foods in a multi billion dollar deal (read about that HERE). This deal leaves a lot of us wondering what’s ahead? Could it mean the end of coupons?

Amazon purchasing Whole Foods no doubt will change how Americans shop for groceries. Amazon is widely known for its aggressive price matching strategies and great customer service.

With Amazon being Whole Foods’ new parent company, it could cause something once thought to be impossible: Whole Foods may be lowering prices A LOT. Maybe they’ll lose their famous nickname “Whole Paycheck”? This will in turn cause competitors, other grocery chains to do the same.

It’s also likely that we will see an uptick in the the grocery home-delivery area, which will make it easier and simpler for consumers to compare products and prices across the board. I know as a busy work at home mom the idea of ordering groceries online at great prices and having it delivered sounds pretty darn appealing!

“We think price matching and guaranteed good prices will likely be the way Amazon takes Whole Foods’ promotions forward, rather than relying on traditional grocery industry tactics like weekly promotions, print circulars and manufacturer coupons,” added Joe Ewaskiw, a spokesman for coupon sharing website – quote from CNBC.COM

Coupon redemption has been on a steady decline since the economy has slowly started to recover from the Recession. Overall redemption was down 4% in 2016 from 2015. It doesn’t take an expert to see that coupon values have been declining. On the flip side, digital coupons are beginning to pick up steam.

While lower prices for any store you walk into, what will really happen to manufacturer’s coupons and other savings programs is really anybody’s guess. What are your thoughts?



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