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The Amazon Subscribe & Save Program — How it Works, Deals, Discounts, and More


Anyone who’s used the internet regularly for the past ten years is likely familiar with Amazon. As one of the top online marketplaces for finding a variety of different (often rare) goods and products, Amazon is a wildly popular service that allows individuals from all over the world to find what they need exactly when they need it. Of course, any savvy shopper knows that saving money and time can be significant challenges when it comes to making purchases of any kind – particularly when one simply doesn’t have the extra hours needed to put effort into couponing or other, more traditional methods of saving. Luckily for anyone looking to save some time using a slightly more automated system, Amazon has a service it calls “Subscribe & Save” for individuals who are looking to do just that.


Just what is Amazon Subscribe & Save?


Subscribe & Save is a service that allows shoppers to sign up for a delivery-based program where products are automatically dropped off at a customer’s house after being added to a personal item list. Individuals who wish to have products conveniently delivered on a regular basis can select both the quantity and frequency of preferred items, and subscribing does not incite any obligation to continue with the program. Subscribe & Save provides free shipping on all orders, unlike some other products obtained via Amazon – and there is no need to keep placing orders after the subscriber has scheduled the initial delivery. Although Subscribe & Save is a conveniently hands-off program, Amazon does send reminders to client emails before each delivery, allowing customers to change details should it be necessary.


How to Save with Amazon Subscribe & Save


Like most subscription services designed to save members money, Amazon Subscribe & Save requires a certain amount of participation in the program before those coveted savings start rolling in. So, how long can a person looking to cash in on the savings expect to wait before getting some additional value for their money? According to Amazon, one can receive “extra level discount” bonuses from their program by having received a minimum of five subscriptions in a single month to a single address. A customer may be able to receive discounts regardless, provided that the product they have subscribed to is eligible for savings. However, these savings are usually less than the ones offered in their extended program.


What Kinds of Deals can you Get?


What type of deal a prospective user can expect to receive relies primarily on what products he or she is ordering. The customer can expect to pay less than the average buyer, provided that the items they are buying are listed as discounted, or have had a coupon applied to them. This policy remains valid only if the products on an individual’s subscription list remain within reasonable, stable price range at the time the customer orders them. By navigating to the page for the particular product of interest, a potential customer can view the difference between Subscribe & Save prices and one-time order prices. A regular Subscribe & Save participant will receive a 5% discount on most items, while someone who has reached the “extra level discount” tier may be awarded up to 15% off.



Another method of saving provided by Subscribe & Save is through the use of coupons, which consumers can find on Amazon’s website. These coupons range from 20% discounts on first subscription items to $4 savings in the general “Subscribe & Save” category, and everything in between.


What to Keep in Mind


As anyone who shops on Amazon may be aware, the prices for products listed in the online market are subject to change fairly quickly, often faster than products outside of Amazon. Both researchers and individual customers have warned about the possibility of extreme price fluctuations for everyday products; so for anyone interested in trying out the dual delivery and subscription service, it may be beneficial to check prices on delivery notification emails and attempt to avoid items that seem to be quickly changing in price. Some individual researchers and customers have noted that some products fluctuate in price much less than others, so it may be well worth it to do a little bit of research before jumping straight into the program. It’s never a guarantee that subscription services such as Amazon Subscribe & Save will save you money – however, it’s likely that, in the long run, such services will indeed save time. To some users, this may be just the kind of trade-off they’re seeking.


If saving is out of the question, how can Amazon Subscribe & Save be used?


For those individuals who aren’t the type to go out of their way to plan deals, foresee price changes, and calculate the value, is there anything to be gained from Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service, aside from the obvious time-saving benefits?

As it turns out, Subscribe & Save may be beneficial for something you may not have considered: ensuring that they deliver items that you may frequently forget to purchase, to your home in time for when you may need them. Some of these products may include office supplies, nonprescription medication, batteries, or coconut oil.


Overall, Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program is a service that is likely to be useful to a particular group of people. You might want to find out whether or not the delivery and savings subscription is something from which you could benefit. It may be best to try it out and evaluate whether or not the possibility of price fluctuation is offset by potential savings, a time-saving delivery service, and a superior method of ensuring availability of regularly-used items. It is undebatable that the ease-of-access and convenience offered by the program is a great potential asset for those who just can’t find the time to ensure a consistent stock of all their household needs

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