Amazon Strike! – Will Striking Amazon Workers Kill Prime Day?

July 11, 2018 BY Yes We Coupon
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Amazon Strike – Amazon Workers Asked To Strike On Prime Day!

Uh oh Amazon Strike may be brewing that could have a major impact on Amazons biggest day of the year Prime Day. According to Independant Spanish Unions are asking 1,000 Amazon workers to strike during Prime day Amazons busiest day of the year. Not only have they asked for workers to strike but they have asked for customers to boycott shopping on for Prime Day. An Amazon Strike could have a major impact and would be welcomed by Amazon competitors such as Walmart and Target!

Amazon Strike! - Will Striking Amazon Workers Kill Prime Day?
Amazon employee and ship dock manager Zach Mudd, center, leads a group chant as employees return from their lunch breaks at an Amazon fulfillment center on Friday, November 3, 2017, in Kent. KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer Credit

Could This Amazon Strike have a ripple Effect?

An Amazon strike of any magnitude could most certainly have a ripple effect and that is exactly what supporters are asking for. Organizers have called on workers around the globe to join in and have even taken to Social media asking users to join in and boycott Prime day that last year reported over 34 Million items sold.

“Remember to stand in solidarity with Amazon workers from the 10th-16th!” wrote one Twitter user, Mackenzie Harris, in a post that has now been shared thousands of times. “Don’t make purchases, stream movies, even open the website. #AmazonStrike is a transnational movement protesting working conditions in facilities. Safety should never be second to profit.”

This Amazon Strike move is geared to hit at a very busy time for Amazon so the impact is felt and that feeling could be significant if this Gaines steam and grows more supporters and ultimately more strikers. Many have felt that Amazon is a bully in the online shopping world and is forming a monopoly that is a massive powerhouse threatening some major retailers. In fact it has been reported that it was because of Amazon that Toys R Us ended up going out of business.

What are your thoughts? Will there be a Amazon Strike?

 Amazon Strike! - Will Striking Amazon Workers Kill Prime Day?
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