All You’ve EVER Wanted to Know About Checkout 51!

March 25, 2017 BY Swaller
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Checkout 51 is one of the many savings tools in a couponer’s tool box. It was first introduced in January of 2015, and bought by Smartsource in the summer of 2015.

It is available on both Android and Iphone OR you can use it right on your PC, so no smartphone is required to use this great money-saving tool, unlike all the others. If you are using it from your computer, you will simply take photos of your receipt, upload them and check off on the screen the offers you are claiming.

For simplicity’s sake and the majority, I have included screenshots and instructions on how-to use if you are accessing the app with a smartphone. Best of all, these offers stack along with any manufacturer, store coupons, and Ibotta and Mobisave! Once you are able to stack multiple coupons and offers on the same product, you’re treading into Freebie-Country!

Offers run from Thursday to the following Wednesday, and they are redeemable at any store that sells the product, unless specified right in the offer screen, like I’ve pictured here:

It takes just a few seconds to redeem an offer, once you have made your purchase, just tap on “upload receipt” and follow the onscreen instructions to take pictures of your receipt. Be sure the store’s name and date of purchase are captured in your photo/photos. Once you have uploaded your receipt, you’ll be credited within 24 hours. When you reach $20, you can cash out. Currently, receiving a paper check in the mail is the only way they pay.

While a quarter or dollar here and there doesn’t seem like much, check out my savings! I’ve been using this literally since the day it launched, a little over 2 years ago!





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