All the Benefits of a Kohls Charge Card!


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Do you love to shop at Kohls? I love just about everything there, from the clothes to housewares to all the great toys my daughter loves. If you really want to save, consider all the benefits of a Kohls Charge Card! In this article, we will go over all the incredible benefits of having one. To apply, you need a valid driver’s license and another major credit card. You can see now if you can be approved with no impact to your credit score HERE at


Kohls Cardholders get a coupon every month of the year for 30% off! That 30% off is good off your ENTIRE PURCHASE! Even better, it stacks up along with redeeming your Yes2You Rewards, Kohls Cash and any category coupons. For more info on how those promotions work, be sure to give our How To Coupon at Kohls article a read.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • 25% off your first purchase with your new card
  • A 15% off coupon with the arrival of your card
  • Become MVC (Most Valued Customer) when you spend $600 in a calendar year and receive 6 other % off coupons throughout the year.
  • Extra Kohls Cash: Kohls Charge cardholders earn 10% Kohls Cash back on every purchase – every day!
  • Kohls Charge MVC’s (also called Elite members) get FREE shipping every day with no minimum order. No coupon code is needed!
  • Kohls Charge Elite members get EARLY ACCESS to Black Friday deals!
  • No receipt needed for returns.

More Kohl’s Cash for Cardholders:

Yes2You Rewards program – Evolved into something BIGGER AND BETTER!

Back when Yes2You debuted, every dollar spent was worth 1 point. 100 points was worth $5 which was emailed to you as a coupon or loaded as a scanable coupon on your Kohls app. Today that has changed into a simpler, more streamlined system. Kohls Charge Card holders and existing Yes2You members were all automatically changed over. Now we earn Kohls Cash for every $ spent. Cardholders earn 10% back in the form of Kohl’s Cash, distributed when you reach 100 points.

As of the time this article was written, this new and streamlined Yes2You rewards is piloted in select markets, just 8 major cities throughout the US.

See an overview of the new and improved Yes2You Rewards program HERE.

In closing, I highly recommend this card if you shop often and want to really take advantage of all the great ways to save at Kohls. While the interest rate is higher as it is typically true with most store credit cards, it definitely is worth it if you can pay off your balance in full every month. Just saving on shipping alone will save you $9 each time you order online!

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