All Of Your Walmart Clearance Questions Answered!

May 16, 2018 BY Yes We Coupon
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What is this group for? This group is for everyone who likes a good deal. We are a community of people who post clearance finds at Walmart. If you see good deals at your store please post!

How you find these sales? We recommend following our page at  and joining our group at to get the latest deals. You can also join  and you can go to your store and scan.

Will my store have that clearance price? The only 100% for sure what to know is to go to your store in person and look. Always scan the item many times it will ring up cheaper than it is marked. Online inventory checkers and even the Walmart app are not always accurate. The people that get to the store the fastest are getting the deals. Below is a picture of how to use the Walmart app to find deals in your store. It was posted by a member in our Walmart Clearance Finders Group.

How do you find a SKU? You can do that 2 ways:

First is using the WM app search for the item then follow the pictures the last underlined number is the SKU

Second using Just like in the last picture the SKU is the last number in the web address online. If you go search for the item on once you find it the SKU will be in the URL

It says full price on the shelf what do I do? Scan, scan, scan many times clearance prices are not marked. You should find a wall scanner and price check it.

If it’s out of stock online can u price match it at the store? Sometimes, you can always price match something that is in stock and sold by Walmart in the store. It is up to the store manager whether they will match out of stock items. Just be careful and make sure it says that it’s sold by Walmart. They will NOT price match any 3rd party sellers.

My store has the clearance price but it’s out of stock. If I buy online to pick up in store will they price adjust to the stores clearance price? The easy answer is no. However, we have seen cases where members have brought the lower price to the attention of the cashier and they discounted it for them. This is an exception and not the rule. You can always ask though. You will have to return and rebuy the item.

My store has the clearance price and it’s in stock. What do I do next? Go to the store and buy it! If you aren’t ready to leave home just yet you can read this to learn how to buy online. Click here to read Pro Tip: How to Order Walmart Store Clearance From Your Home

What is a Glitter Coupon? There are many people out there that try and scam the system. Glitter coupons are fakes. They have been altered in some way or another and they are IllegalDo not post them on this site.

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What stores Price Match Walmart?   Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Office Max, Target

This is subject to change without warning.  It is up to management’s discretion whether they will price match or not.

What are some Apps I can use to help me save money? Go here to see what apps are available:

What do these acronyms mean? Go here to get a list of frequently used acronyms .

Below is a sneak peek of what you might see…

  • YMMV= Your Mileage/Market May Vary ~ Meaning that it might not be the same at your store
  • Q= Coupon
  • OP=  Original Poster
  • OYNO= On or Off Your Next Order ~Used mostly with Catalina offers


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