HUGE Cash Settlement For Android Phone Owners!

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If you own any kind of smart phone, you know how annoying battery drain is. A group of consumers had enough and filed a class action lawsuit against Google and Huawei. The suit alleges that model Nexus P Android smartphones made by Huawei are prone to battery drain and randomly booting up.

Google and Huawei have offered $9.75 million dollars to end litigation. Class members are all consumers who purchased Nexus 6P Android phones between 9/29/2015 and 5/3/2019. Consumers can not have bought the phone(s) for resale purposes. There will be 3 groups of consumers eligible to receive compensation.  You could receive up to $400 in this class action. Final day to file your claim if you own or owned this Android phone is 9/3/19.



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