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Easy Edible Bug Cake

I am always looking for cute treats for the kids, and this Edible Bug Cake is ideal.  Using some of our favorite snack cakes and some simple delicious candy you can create a cute treat that is ideal for a special dessert, or for a birthday party treat.

Cute Edible Bug Cake

A bug cake is a super cute idea for getting the kids excited about, “cooking”.  Even if there isn’t actually any cooking involved, they can have a great time doing something fun in the kitchen.  It’s also a perfect super easy idea for a kid-friendly treat that works for birthday parties, or even class parties at school.  I love anything that is semi-homemade, so this is really an easy treat to make that everyone will love.


Hostess Ho Hos

Airhead Extreme Sour Candy Strips

Candy Eyes

Decorating Gel

Step 1: 

Cut  1/2″ slits on each side of a Hostess Ho Ho or similar snack cake.

Step 2: 

Cut a sour strip in half.  Fold both halves of the sour strip and stick one in the slit on one side of the hostess, do the same with the other half on the other side.  This creates “wings” that stick out on either side of the bug cake.

Step 3: 

Taking your decorating gel, glue two eyes on the front top of your treat.  You can also add fun colored stripes to the back of your bug cake using the decorating gel.

As you can see, this is a super easy treat to make for kids, or to have kids help you make.  I recommend setting them up in an assembly line to make it easier to manage.  You can serve them up with some gummy worms, gummy snakes, or similar as a fun dessert.  I would even add these edible bug cakes to the top of a “dirt cake” as a super cute themed idea perfect for any event.

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