Abandoned Shopping Cart Trick!! Get Discount Codes from Retailers!

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How to Get Discount Codes – The Abandoned Shopping Cart Trick

So you’ve heard of the Shopping Cart Trick for obtaining retailer lines of credit, but have you ever heard of the “Abandoning Your Shopping Cart” method to obtain discount codes? Many savvy shoppers have learned that when they abandon their shopping carts when shopping online, it will trigger the retailer to email you a discount code. Of course, common sense would say this won’t work for things that are on a deadline type sale or in limited supply. But if it’s something you can wait on purchasing – then this shopping cart trick may work for you. Don’t be quick to delete the emails that say, “Hey you left items in your cart.” Generally those are the ones that will have a discount code within them. Why should retailers do this? Nearly 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. That amounts to $4 trillion in lost sales every year. Bombarded with ads and clicking on numerous links- buyers tend to jump from one site to another, filling shopping carts and then abandoning them. So in an effort to entice the shopper back, the retailer will normally send a discount code to get you to buy. Losing 10- 20% on an item is less than not selling the item at all. Expect to see an email with a code immediately or within the next few days. Below is only a partial list of retailers that will send you an email once you abandon your online cart. Test it out yourself with your favorite online retailers and see if it works for you. Keep in mind that you should either be signed into an account you have with the retailer or have an email set up with them. If you have a habit of browsing incognito or as a guest with cookies shut off this probably won’t work for you. When you do return with your newly acquired discount code, don’t forget to login to your favorite rebate site, like eBates, to get additional savings on your purchase.

  • ClothingUnder10.com: 10%- 20%
  • 1-800-Mattress: depends on item in cart
  • Babies ‘R’ Us: Free shipping
  • Bass Pro Shops: $20 off $100
  • Bed, Bath and Beyond: 20%
  • Best Buy: depends on item in cart
  • Birchbox: 20% off minimum $35 purchase
  • Cafe Press: 20%
  • Calvin Klein- 15%
  • Coastal: depends on
  • Crocs: 20%
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods: 10%
  • Dorco: 5%
  • GoDaddy: 30%
  • Guitar Center: 15% -20%
  • HipDot- 20%
  • Home Depot: depends on item in cart
  • JCPenney: depends on item in cart
  • J. Jill: $20 off $80
  • Kate Spade: 15%
  • Land’s End: depends on item in cart
  • Levi’s: 20%- 25% off up to two days later
  • Macy’s: 15%
  • Nieman Marcus: 10%
  • Nomad- 15%
  • Nordstrom Rack- 15%
  • Office Max- Free shipping
  • Overstock -depends on item in cart
  • Princess Cruises- depends on item in cart
  • Pro Flowers- 10% off
  • Purity Products- 30%
  • Ralph Lauren-15%
  • Sierra Trading Post: 35%
  • Shutterfly: 20%
  • Talking Tom and Friends Shop: 10%
  • Target – $5 off
  • ThinkGeek: $10 off $50
  • Toys ‘R’ Us: Free shipping
  • Udemy-$10 Classes
  • Urban Outfitters: 20%
  • Virgin Media: depends on item in cart
  • Williams-Sonoma: Free shipping
  • Zappos: depends on item in cart
  • Zazzle: depends on item in cart


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